The Winchester Curling Club is a non-profit and volunteer-based club.  We solely operate on the funds that we raise through Bonspiels, Rentals, and Events.

As you may know, our club is run by the members. The bottom line is we need to be a profitable club and to maximize our profits, we must minimize our expenses, and thus we turn to you, the membership; for assistance in the form of volunteering.

Each members is expected to volunteer proportionate to the number of times they curl each week.

Members can check out the Volunteer Schedule posted at the Club for upcoming events, rentals & bonspiels.

For more information on volunteering, please send email to Anita Gilmer at

What else is there to know?  On the curling side you’re expected to get a spare if you can’t make it to the club for your next scheduled game. If you are unable to get a spare, contact your skip so that he/she is also aware.  A list of spares is available on the draw schedules which are provided by each League Convener.

Twice a year there is the annual general meeting. Membership dues, club finances, voting on Positions, and the physical plant (the building, ice making equipment etc.) are discussed and decided upon at these meetings. This is a great way for members to be involved in the decisions of our club.

At the end of each year, there is the “Closing Supper”.  Dinner is followed by the Awards presentations for the curling season.

About bonspiels:  Bonspiels involve a full day of curling with lunch available during the day and dinner afterwards followed by presentation of the winners and the awarding of prizes. Dinner could be catered, pot-luck or it could be something prepared by our kitchen volunteers. You can usually enter these spiels as a team or on your own and the minimal cost is used to provide prizes at the end of the day. The number of ends per game varies by bonspiel and the number of teams entered; each team is guaranteed at least two games.

Inter-club bonspiels have developed over the years into many friendly rivalries. Here are some examples:

  • The Broder Cup (Ladies) and the Merkley Trophy (Men) are competitive events are generally held in January and February. Entry is usually by team of the four competing clubs, Metcalfe, Morrisburg, Russell and Winchester, with each of the clubs taking turns as the host club.
  • The Gamble (Mixed) is a friendly competition between Metcalfe, Morrisburg, Russell, and Winchester who take turns hosting each November.
  • The Sullivan Cup (Mixed). A senior spiel played between Metcalfe, Morrisburg, Russell, and Winchester who take turns hosting each February.

Additional Information (Updated Dec 2018)

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