Welcome to the Winchester Curling Club…

The Winchester Curling Club has a long and vibrant history.  Serving the Township of North Dundas since 1927.

We host a three sheet rink with up-to-date facilities including a full kitchen, lounge and hall that are available for private parties, weddings and community events.

The club offers a variety of curling activities for all age groups.

WCC supports the following True Sport principles:

  • Go For It   – Don’t just talk about curling, participate in curling.
  • Play Fair  – Curling doesn’t have many rules but they should be followed. Everyone breaks a rule now and then, admit your infraction and play on.
  • Respect Others  – You are sharing the ice with two dozen curlers, be aware of your space and your actions so as not to interfere with other curlers.
  • Have Fun  – This is the other number one rule in curling ! Have fun 😁
  • Include Everyone – Curling doesn’t care about age or race or gender or disabilities : everyone who wants to curl, can curl.
  • Give Back – If you are able to provide some teaching and coaching then please do so. If you have an idea for your club then speak with someone on the Board. Organize a bonspiel! Suggest a fundraiser. Any form of volunteering or giving back to the club or sport is encouraged.

We also offer numerous amenities to round out your curling experience, including a full-service bar, professional instruction and much more. No matter your curling interests the Winchester Curling Club is pleased to welcome you.

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